What We Offer

IBP offers a wide range of training programs that cater to the financial services industry.

a. Certified, Standardized and Assessment-Based Training Programs

The development of Certified, Standardized and Assessment Based Training Programs at the IBP recently came into effect as part of the Institute’s initiative to restructure its training design methodology. A standardized list of 8 job families in the commercial banking industry was identified and 38 generic job functions were recognized for the same. Intensive research has been conducted for each of these job functions and a task inventory for each of the 38 functions has been created. Core competencies have been dimensioned as Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes, which are required to perform each of the job functions.

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b. Internationally Accredited Programs

In 2010, the IBP in partnership with an established and well-recognized organization – International Finance Corporation (IFC), launched a Bank Risk Management training program.

Bank Risk Management training is a three-day intensive program aimed at addressing the risk training needs of CEOs, CFOs, Board of Directors and all staff working in the risk management function of banks.

The successful launch of this program has prompted the Institute to develop more international collaborations going forward. The IBP is now working towards establishing accredited programs at the Institute and is expected to launch more and more of such programs in the coming year.

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c. Calendar Trainings

The Institute of Bankers Pakistan organizes interactive, practical and valuable trainings for banking and finance professionals. These cover a wide range of financial and business management topics which include SBP Guidelines, Asset and Liability Management, Audit, Credit, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Islamic Banking, Information Technology, Trade Finance, Treasury Management, Customer Services, Communication, Human Resource Management, Microsoft Office among others. The workshops are aimed to polish the skills of professionals in improving their efficiency and productivity as an individual and a team.

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d. Customized Trainings

The IBP designs customized courses tailored to the specific needs and development of financial institutions which have a progressive objective. To fulfill the particular requirements of institutions, the Institute develops exclusive in-house courses that aim to provide maximum value from training through focused and controlled outlines and agendas. This means that the Training team at the IBP will develop any program on any topic that a financial institution may require. To obtain further details on the customized courses, please click here.

IBP ensures that all the Training Programs are updated on a regular basis and meet the current financial sector requirements. The courses are developed with clear objectives and have specific outcomes which are aimed at providing valuable learning and producing tangible results.

All training programs at the Institute are delivered using modern learning methods and include: class-room lectures, role plays, exercises, case studies, group work, presentations, library sessions as well as visits to different financial centers, if required. Furthermore, a comprehensive test is held at the end of the course to evaluate knowledge and learning gained through the training program.

A calendar detailing the schedule of the programs of Open Training/Calendar programs and Certified, Standardized and Assessment Based Training Programs is prepared two months prior to the course and distributed to financial institutions for registration.