Being an Institute “of the bankers, for the bankers and by the bankers” IBP has strengthened its services by providing recruitment and assessment offering to its clients.

At IBP we facilitate your firms’ talent sourcing to be transparent and ensure equal opportunity in your organization. Since the inception of IBP, it has transformed from a traditional testing environment of manually checking the copies to automated systems of paper checking through OMR sheets and online tests to minimize human intervention in entire process of the examinations by creating more controlled process ensuring transparency. IBP has a capacity to establish up to 40 test centers in Pakistan. IBP has successfully hosted an online assessment test for a leading international bank, hence adding another dimension to its product offering.

The Institute strives to give fair and equal opportunities to all the candidates. We strongly believe in an unbiased and transparent assessment process. The assessment centers are utilized for the purpose of conducting examinations pertaining to IBP qualifications, recruitment tests, promotion tests, and various training/certification assessments.

Apart from professional qualifications of IBP, almost 43,283 candidates across Pakistan were assessed including recruitment and promotion tests during 2015-16 on behalf of its member banks.