This initial level course has been designed to enable the fresh graduates to have basic understanding about the banking and financial sector. Students enrolled in this Professional Banker (PB) Certificate program have a maximum period of 8 years to complete the qualification.

The 8-year period commences from the date of appearance in the first exam.

Professional Banker Certification Course Structure

  • Six Courses
  • Enrolled in a graduate program.
  • Designed for students and bankers who want to improve their qualification.

Professional Banker Certification Courses

  • Business Communication for Financial Services
  • Introduction to Financial Systems and Banking Regulations
  • Information Technology in Financial Services
  • Branch Banking
  • Lending: Products, Operations and Risk Management
  • Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior


Eligibility Criteria:

The entry criteria for the Professional Banker Certificate program is enrollment in any graduate program.

Note: Professional Banker Certification leads to JAIBP qualification after completion of 6 further courses.

Fee Structure

Professional Banker program is affordable and cost-effective as compared to other certificate programs.

Registration Fee:

One-time Registration Fee: PKR. 15,000*

Exam Enrollment Fee:

  • Business Communication for Financial Services                         PKR 2,000/-
  • Introduction to Financial Systems and Banking Regulations     PKR 2,000/-
  • Information Technology in Financial Services                              PKR 2,000/-
  • Branch Banking                                                                                  PKR 2,000/-
  • Lending: Products, Operations and Risk Management               PKR 2,500/-
  • Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior   PKR 2,500/-

The Professional Banker examinations are conducted in June and December each year.

Registration Process

Get yourself REGISTERED by completing the following steps:

  1. Fill out the registration form available on IBP website. please Click here to access ISQ online portal;
  2. Submit the duly filled & signed registration form with paid deposit slip (also available on ISQ online portal); to any of the IBP/ SBP (BSC) offices in different cities of Pakistan along with the following attested copies:
    • 3 recent passport size photographs;
    • CNIC and educational documents;
  3. Under-Graduate candidates are required to submit a letter from their academic institutions confirming their enrollment in the graduating program stated in their registration form.

Exam enrollment:

To obtain PB exam enrollment form, please click here


To Acquire Professional Banker Certificate

IBP offers Professional Banker Certificate for those candidates who have successfully completed required 06 subjects of JAIBP Stage-I & Stage-II as mentioned above.