Chartered Banker Institute (CBI) – UK

IBP shares the common objective of supporting the individuals and organizations within banking and financial services sector to develop and embed a culture that raises the standards of professionalism.

Chartered Banker Institute (CBI) is the leading professional banking institute. It is the only body in the world to confer the status of “Chartered Banker” to suitably qualified individuals. CBI drives an agenda of ethical professional through various objectives including conducting examinations and promote the continued study of banking and financial services in all aspects.

IBP Banking Qualification (ISQ) has been accredited by the CBI since 2011. The collaboration had lead the Institute to have the customized and contextualized publication with an international standards of the content.

IBP has further strengthened its relationship with Chartered Banker Institute by joining hands in promoting excellence in Islamic Finance at Pakistan. The alliance will help benefit IBP for establishing links and cooperate with other bodies with a view to pursuit common objectives and represent banking profession nationally and internationally.

International Finance Cooperation (IFC)- World Bank

IFC Business Edge-World Bank group is an international organization whose mission is to promote sustainable private sector investment in developing countries to reduce poverty and improve people’s lives. In order to achieve the goal IFC Business Edge is engaged in different countries of the world to train and develop individuals for delivering standard programs spanning over various management programs.

The business edge suite of products and services focus on core management skills, such as Financials and operations, Marketing, Human Resources Management and sound leadership skills. IBP has trained various trainers under the flagship program of Training of Trainer (ToT), Instructional Design, Course Customization etc to bring standardization and following structured methodologies of designing the courses. The capacity building initiative has enabled IBP to meet our Institutional vision.

Omega Performance –Singapore

Omega Performance equips lending organizations with the credit skills to source and structure high-quality, profitable loans to help grow a profitable, low-risk loan portfolio. Its proven-successful, standardized credit training curriculum augments organization’s value proposition, helping to compete and differentiate business.

IBP has delivered various trainings with the exclusive support of Omega, facilitating the customers to fully equip them with Credit Skills. Our credit training curriculum has always been rooted in globally-accepted credit standards that ensure a firm-footing for the entire lending organization. Our courses are ideal for lending organization staff at all experience levels and are organized into four core training paths based on functional banking area.