IBP Superior Qualification (ISQ) is the only recognized professional qualification for bankers in Pakistan, which is recognized both, locally and internationally. The Central Bank has endorsed this qualification and it is also acclaimed by the banking and financial sector as well. ISQ is a professional qualification program which is aimed at empowering the present and potential management-level bankers with the practical knowledge about the banking industry and its functions. ISQ is a two-level, self-study program, namely:

  1. Junior Associateship of IBP (JAIBP)
  2. Associateship of IBP (AIBP)

Where as fellow of IBP (FIBP) is awarded honorary to distinguish bankers.

ISQ is designed to equip entrants of the banking industry with necessary skills and knowledge to become well-rounded banking professionals. Unlike academic qualifications, the ISQ is both market-based and practical. Through a carefully designed course structure and subject matter, participants are able to accelerate their learning process and acquire the relevant banking knowledge of regulations, products, lending, marketing, operations and management which they would otherwise only acquire informally over an extended period in their professional banking careers. The JAIBP qualification of ISQ is recognized and accredited by the Chartered Banker Institute (UK).

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Benefits of the ISQ program

  1. An internationally recognized qualification accredited by CBI (UK).
  2. A cross-functional knowledge base designed to educate the candidate about best practices and banking technicalities.
  3. A flexible course structure to suit both working professionals and full time students.
  4. An affordable and cost-effective qualification.
  5. Structured curriculum linked to banking practices.
  6. Cash rewards to employees from banks.
  7. Faster career growth including possible promotions.
  8. Self study module.

Teaching & Testing Methodology:

  • Learning Aids

› Self-Study Program – ISQ Handbook 2012 is available ( to download, click here ).

› Coaching classes available

› Customized Reference Books

› Syllabus Guides is available ( to download, click here )

› Mentoring, counseling and support material available

  • Testing Methodology

› Written exams

› 2-3 Hours examination for each subject

› The Assessment Scheme for each subject is available in the specific Syllabus Guides.

Program Structure

ISQ allows maximum flexibility to participants to pace out and manage their studies even with their full-time professional routines. The modular multi-stage structure enables participants to select their own workload and sequence their choice of courses in order of their own interest, preferences and professional needs.

ISQ Registration Process

Get yourself REGISTERED by completing the following steps:

  1. Fill out the registration form available on IBP website. please Click here to access ISQ online portal;
  2. Submit the duly filled & signed registration form with paid deposit slip (also available on ISQ online portal); to any of the IBP/ SBP (BSC) offices in different cities of Pakistan along with the following attested copies:
    • 3 recent passport size photographs;
    • CNIC and educational documents;
  3. Under-Graduate candidates are required to submit a letter from their academic institutions confirming their enrollment in the graduating program stated in their registration form.

ISQ Program Fee

  • Registration fee (one-time)                  :             PKR    15,000/-
  • JAIBP Examination fee (Stage-I)        :               PKR   2,000/-  (Per Subject)
  • JAIBP Examination fee (Stage-II)       :               PKR   2,500/-  (Per Subject)
  • JAIBP Examination fee (Stage-III)      :               PKR   3,000/-  (Per Subject)
  • AIBP Examination fee                           :               PKR   2,500/-  (Per Subject)
  • JAIBP Exemption fee                            :               PKR   2,500/-  (Per Subject)

Partial reimbursement of ISQ Registration fees by leading Pakistani banks:

In order to motivate bankers to enroll, leading banks in Pakistan have decided that the increase in the ISQ Registration fees of PKR. 5,000 would be reimbursed by the banks after registration.

The following banks have agreed to reimburse fees:

  1. Bank Alfalah Limited
  2. Faysal Bank Limited
  3. Habib Bank Limited
  4. Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited
  5. Meezan Bank Limited
  6. Soneri Bank Limited
  7. Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited
  8. United Bank Limited


Reimbursement Amount: PKR. 5,000 Reimbursement Process:

  • Candidate will pay the full registration fees (PKR. 15,000) to IBP
  • IBP will process all registrations and handover the list of accepted registrations to respective banks (with unique identifier CNIC numbers) by [Date will be announced later]. 
  • Candidates of the above mentioned banks may then approach their HR department for reimbursement of PKR. 5,000.    Candidates may contact their bank’s HR department for details regarding the reimbursement requirements.

 Time Limitation policy for completion of JAIBP (Effective from Winter-2015):

  • Candidate will be given a time frame of 08 years from the date of registration to complete JAIBP.
  • If the candidate is unable to complete the JAIBP program in 08 years, all of the complete and incomplete stage(s) will be lapsed and the candidate(s) will be required to enroll in JAIBP again as a fresh candidate.
  • Candidate registered prior to Winter-2015 [Having attempts/at least last attempt remaining in Winter-2015] will be allowed 08 years from Winter-2015 to complete their JAIBP. If the candidate is unable to complete the JAIBP program by Summer-2023, all of the complete and incomplete stage(s) / part(s) will be lapsed and the candidate(s) will be required to enroll in JAIBP again as a fresh candidate.

JAIBP/AIBP Passing Criteria NEW

Minimum 50 % marks each in Objective & Subjective Sections of the Examination paper.

Important Notice:

Unfair Means/Misconduct:

A candidate’s conduct must be according to the exams rules of the institute. Non-compliance to any exam rules will lead to cancellation of the paper as per IBP examination rules for unethical practices. (Details are available in the ISQ handbook). IBP will be the sole judge regarding any foul acts committed by any candidate. In addition to the punishments prescribed in ISQ Handbook, IBP will also have the right to convey the information of punishment imposed on any candidate to his/her employer and/or State Bank of Pakistan.