The IBP Diploma in Microfinance is a professional qualification which aims at empowering the present and aspiring prospective management-level microfinance practitioners with practical knowledge about the microfinance industry and its functions.

The principal objective of this course is to impart knowledge and expertise in the field of Microfinance. This qualification enables candidates to understand the microenterprise industry, fundamental concepts and business dynamics, management of risk and monitoring of microfinance processes and performance. The course will also cover the role of regulators and the key variables of microfinance regulation.

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Specific Objectives

After the successful completion of the diploma, participants will:

  •   Have a basic understanding of
    •   The demand and supply and sources of microfinance
    •   Microfinance in Pakistan and other developing countries
  •   Understand collateral policies and other features of microfinance
  •   Be able to analyze the risk management strategies, policies and the decision criteria for microfinance
  •   Understand the models, process and performance in microenterprise finance
  •   Understand the role of the State Bank of Pakistan and regulations governing microfinance

Program Structure

The IBP Diploma in Microfinance is a self-study program with 2 assessment components which are detailed as under:

1.       Research Report

Submission of a written research-based report on a topic of the candidate’s selection from the choice of topics provided/ or other relevant topics. some topics are listed below:

i.  Strategic marketing plan for microfinance institution or bank in Punjab or Sindh or Northern Areas;

ii.  Credit policy for a microfinance institution;

iii.  Credit policy for a microfinance bank;

iv.  HR Strategy for the staff to incentivize selling micro loans;

v.  Comparison of the microfinance models prevalent in Latin America and Pakistan through SWOT analysis;

vi. Identify a successful product innovation in micro credit over the last 5 years Assess the factors contributing to its success and the impact it has on the industry;

vii. Suggest innovations in the field of screening microcredit customers and its impact on the industry;

viii. Benefits and impact of eCIB for Microfinance.


The report must be original work of the candidate and should be of minimum 5,000 words and maximum 6,500 words. The report must be submitted on the day of the written assessment in hard copy.

Guidelines on the structure and format of the report

The report must consist of the following sections at a minimum, candidates may add more sections as per their requirement

i.    Executive Summary;

ii.   Table of Contents;

iii.  Scope of Report;

iv.  Research Methodology;

v.   Research Findings;

vi.  Recommendations and Conclusion;

vii. References- Bibliography, Endnotes, Appendices (if any).


The Institute takes a strict view on candidates who do not submit original work. The Institute can cancel such candidates’ registration to the program and retains the right to report this unethical practice to the candidate’s employer, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

2.       Written Exam

A 3-hour long written assessment against the syllabus provided. Details of syllabus and the specific learning outcomes can be found in the program guide.

Please click here to download the program guide.

Eligibility Criteria

The entry criterion for the IBP Diploma in Microfinance as follows:

  • Graduate in any discipline with a minimum 2nd division.

Time Frame

Students enrolled in the Diploma in Microfinance have a maximum of 18 months (1.5 years) to complete the diploma. The 1.5 year period commences from the date of enrollment.


In an instance, the examiner finds the report lacking in any manner, the candidate will be contacted electronically to submit a re-worked version within 5 working days to be eligible to pass in the same session.

Candidates who do not pass either or none of the two components of assessment in the first session will have the option of 2 re-takes.


Registration Process

To complete the registration process, the prospective Diploma candidate must follow the below steps:

1. Fill out a Registration Form

2. All payments shall be made through specific bank, deposit slip available on IBP’s website, along with;

  • 3 recent passport size Photographs;
  • Attested copy of valid CNIC;
  • Attested copy of educational documents.

Diploma Enrollment Last Date of Form Acceptance:

 Last Date of Form Acceptance  December 24, 2021


Fee Structure

IBP Microfinance Diploma

Registration & Exam Fee (1st Time)

*PKR 12,000


Re-take Fee (2nd & 3rd attempt)

Examination Fee/ Report Fee/ Both (Re-take)

PKR 3,000


For more details, you may also call us at (021)111–IBP–ISQ (021-111-427-477)