PSTD Conferences Overview

Women in Business & Leadership Conference


The Women in Business & Leadership Conference (WIBCON) is an initiative by PSTD that recognizes and highlights the notable achievements and life stories of global female icons, women leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals who have helped catalyze a positive change to the society. WIBCON serves as a platform where professionals are provided an opportunity to share their knowledge and skills to succeed in today’s diverse business scenario. It provides an opportunity to the participants to learn and get inspiration in order to achieve success in all realms of life.

Employment patterns of men and women have changed drastically over the last 25 years. Significantly, the proportion of women who were employed has also increased over the period. Changing social attitudes and smaller families have contributed to these changes in women’s employment. Recent Fortune magazine listed 50 of the most powerful women; the women on the list have broken down barriers and carved out places for themselves in all spheres of business, government and social leadership positions.

PSTD will continue to strive towards changing perceptions, encourage advancement of women in senior positions and strengthening their population in the workforce.

Annual Learning Conference


According to a validated research, organizations globally invested approximately $511 billion in learning and development initiatives in 2014 – a sizeable, well considered and perhaps the most important investment that organizations could have made. This was the highest investment as we begin to see parts of Euro Zone and Not America demonstrating signs of economic recovery and industrial expansion.

There is broad consensus internationally that learning, talent development; its retention and building leadership capacity are preconditions for delivering sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore, there is wide agreement that growing effective learning cultures are the canvas for consistently delivering successful business strategies. The conference ties in with the mission of PSTD to “build and broaden professional leadership, capacity and capability in Pakistan.” The conference instills a learning culture in organizations. It aims to keep abreast with and successfully adapt to the evolving needs of today’s challenging organizations.

National HSE and Sustainable Development Summit


PSTD aims to increase the awareness and sense of responsibility within the society through means of adding value to business performance. Implementing health, safety and environment does not have to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. Safer and more efficient working practices can often save money but – more importantly – they can help save lives. So, preventing accidents and ill health caused by work should be a key priority for everyone at work.

PSTD aims is to bring the focus of the industry to HSE in Business Processes. The conference dilates on four major aspect of this subject; Sustainable Development, Safety, Health and Environmental issues which have the largest impact on business continuity and good governance.