Established in 1951, The Institute of Bankers Pakistan is the only recognized entity operating within the country under the leadership of the State Bank of Pakistan, since the past 06 decades. The Institute is privileged to be accredited by the Chartered Banker Institute (UK) from its very beginning. Due to its commitment and dedication to provide a sound human work force for the banking and financial sector of the country, the Institute holds a reputable position as a learning institute. IBP takes on itself to bridge the gaps identified between the industry and candidates.

Under the auspicious leadership of the current management, IBP has initiated the Certified General Banker (CGB) programme which shall massively bridge the gaps between the job seekers and employers. CGB will meet the professional demand of the banks by training and nurturing the candidates with required skills prior to being recruited by banks and financial institutions.

Through this initiative of IBP, banks will be able to appoint qualified and well-trained staff in their team.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates meeting the following criteria will be eligible to apply for this program:

  • Candidate must not be over 26 years of age
  • Candidate should not have less than 50% aggregate marks
  • Candidate should have basic knowledge of MS-Word and MS-Excel Programmes
  • Candidates should have minimum 14 years of education by an HEC recognized university

Selection Process

Each candidate would be selected after proper screening and monitoring. The team of experts at IBP will scrutinize each candidate falling in accordance to the above criteria before considering him/her eligible to register in the programme.

Cancellation and Suspension of Registration

Any candidate registered in the CGB program if found guilty of misconduct, he/she will face cancellation/ suspension of registration in the following areas:

  • If a candidate fails to comply with the rules and regulations of the Institute
  • If a candidate fails to supply correct information to the Institute
  • If a candidate fails to comply with any of the directives issues by the management of the Institute
  • If a candidate involves himself/herself in such activities which may cause damage to the image or infrastructure of the Institute
  • If a candidate is found utilizing foul means to clear his/her exams
  • If a candidate is found indulging in under-hand dealing with any official or officials of the Institute

If any of the above rules and regulations is ignored/neglected by a candidate and he/she is found not obliging to the rules of the Institute then registration of the student will be cancelled and all fee paid shall be forfeited if educational documents or any other is found fake at any stage.

Training Duration

The training period including the internship is envisaged to be of 6 months’ duration. In which classroom training will be of 4 months and internship will be of 2 months. The objective of the Internship is to give the students a hands-on exposure of branch banking processes.


Candidate has to ensure 90% attendance in order to appear in the final examination. Appearing in all the assessments will be mandatory.

Similarly, all candidates will attend the internship and any casual or sick leave must be approved by the bank in which the internee is placed with a copy to the coordinating office of IBP to be sent by the internee.


Upon successful completion of the course, the trainees would be awarded Certificate in General Banking known as Certified General Bankers.


  • To facilitate the Pakistani youth to enter into the job market of the financial sector with appropriate knowledge and technical skills of banking procedures, suitable for entry level employment in banks.
  • To provide unbound opportunities to the selected candidates through theoretical and practical experience via classroom interventions and internships in renowned banks.
  • To provide the banking sector with well-trained and qualified human resource at entry-level positions.
  • To nurture candidates with sound knowledge of banking and financial sector in order to handle practical banking applications.


In consideration to the upcoming technological advancements and fierce competition in the job market fresh graduates often have to face a lot of problems to compete in order to find employment of their choice. It is often observed that either the employer fails to recruit the qualified human resource or the job seeker fails to be connected to the right employer.

IBP realizing this tremendous gap within the banking and financial industry has developed the Certified General Banker (CGB) programme.

CGB will bridge the gap identified and train the candidates prior to entering into the commerce industry. In this way not only the recruiters but also the job seeking candidate would be able to serve better in the right direction.

The curriculum of CGB has been developed after a thorough research by IBP, under the supervision and guidance of the State Bank of Pakistan. This programme has the support of the entire banking and financial sector which adds value to the qualification itself.

Moreover, CGB will open new doors of countless opportunities for candidates who which to proceed with their career in banking.