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Registration and Fee

Registration Process

To complete the registration process, the prospective ISQ candidate must follow the below steps:

     1. Fill out a Registration Form

Registration Forms are also available, free of charge at

› all IBP Offices
› all SBP Offices

     2. Mail or drop off a pay order along with the registration form to any of the IBP offices in the country along with:

  • 3 Photos
  • Attested copy of CNIC
  • Attested copy of educational documents
  • Documentation Required (non-graduates): Non-graduate candidates are required to submit a letter from their Academic Institutions confirming their enrollment in the graduating program stated in their Registration Form
ISQ Enrollment Deadline



  ISQ Exam-Summer 2015

3rd March, 2015

Fee Structure




One time registration fee

*PKR 15,000

Per subject fee

PKR 1,500


    1. All candidates who qualify for the JAIBP from 2014 onwards will pay PKR 1000 for the issuance of certificate.

              a) For duplicate issuance of JAIBP certificate, PKR 1000 will be charged

              b) For duplicate issuance of provisional certificate PKR 500 will be charged

    2. All requests pertaining to Change of exam Centre (CoC), will be charged PKR 500 as processing fee.

    3. ISQ candidates are provided a time frame of 05 years (10 attempts) to complete JAIBP, calculated from the first appearance.





Per subject fee

PKR 1,500


* Partial reimbursement of ISQ Registration fees by leading Pakistani banks:

In order to motivate bankers to enroll, leading banks in Pakistan have decided that the increase in the ISQ Registration fees of PKR. 5,000 would be reimbursed by the banks after registration. The following banks have agreed to reimburse fees:

1. Bank Alfalah Limited

2. Barclays Bank PLC, Pakistan

3. Faysal Bank Limited

4. Habib Bank Limited

5. Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited

6. Meezan Bank Limited

7. Soneri Bank Limited

8. Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited

9. United Bank Limited

Reimbursement Amount: PKR. 5,000

Reimbursement Process:

  1. Candidate will pay the full registration fees (PKR. 15,000) to IBP
  2. IBP will process all registrations and handover the list of accepted registrations to respective banks (with unique identifier CNIC numbers) by 6th April  2015. 
  3. Candidates of the above mentioned banks may then approach their HR department for reimbursement of PKR. 5,000.

Candidates may contact their bank’s HR department for details regarding the reimbursement requirements.

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