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What is ISQ

IBP Superior Qualification

IBP Superior Qualification (ISQ) is the only recognized professional qualification for bankers in Pakistan, which is recognized by both, the State Bank of Pakistan as well as the banking and financial services industry. The JAIBP program is now accredited by UK’s Chartered Banker Institute.

ISQ is a professional qualification program which is aimed at empowering the present and potential management-level bankers with the practical knowledge about the banking industry and its functions. ISQ is a three-level, self-study program designed to equip entrants of the banking industry with necessary skills and knowledge to become well-rounded banking professionals. Unlike academic qualifications, the ISQ is both market-based and practical. Through a carefully designed course structure and subject matter, participants are able to accelerate their learning process and acquire the relevant banking knowledge of regulations, products, lending, marketing, operations and management which they would otherwise only acquire informally over an extended period in their professional banking careers.

The Junior Associateship of IBP (JAIBP) portion of the ISQ program has undergone a complete updation, in terms of structure and curriculum, to make it relevant to the current banking industry needs as well as international market practices. The new JAIBP program is effective from the Winter 2011 examination. Candidates who enroll for the ISQ program in July 2011 will start their course of study with the new syllabus offerings. Candidates who had enrolled and appeared for the JAIBP exam prior to July 2011 (mid-stream candidates) will be transitioned to the new program. For relevant details on the transition process, please click here

Benefits of the ISQ program:

1.     Internationally recognized portable qualification (accredited by UK’s Chartered Banker Institute)

2.     Cross-functional knowledge

3.     Flexible to suit working professionals

4.     Affordable and cost-effective

5.     Accelerated learning of theory and best practices of banking procedures

6.     Structured curriculum, linked to banking practices

7.     Cash rewards from employers

8.     Accelerated career growth including possible promotions  

Teaching & Testing Methodology:

  • Learning Aids

› Self-Study Program – ISQ Handbook 2012 is available (to download, click here). 
› Coaching classes available
› Customized Reference Books

› Syllabus Guides is available (to download, click here )
› Mentoring, counseling and support material available

  • Testing Methodology

› Written exams

› 2-3 hours examination for each subject

› The Assessment Scheme for each subject is available in the specific Syllabus Guides

Program Structure

ISQ allows maximum flexibility to participants to pace out and manage their studies even with their full-time professional routines. The modular multi-stage structure enables participants to select their own workload and sequence their choice of courses in order of their own interest, preferences and professional needs.


Junior Associateship of IBP  (JAIBP)

Associateship of IBP (AIBP)

Fellowship of IBP (FIBP)

  • Stage I - (Four Subjects)
  • Stage II - (Four Subjects)
  • Stage III - (Three Subjects)
  • Plus one Specialization Subjects


  • 3 years of Total Banking Experience
  • 60 Hours CPD
  • Plus one Specialization Subject


Bankers who have put in 20 years of banking service, hold the position of Senior Executive Vice president (SEVP) / Group Head or equivalent and Possess a university degree


Junior Associateship of IBP (JAIBP) – New Structure


  • Business Communication for Financial Services
  • Introduction to Financial Systems and Banking Regulations
  • Information Technology in Financial Services
  • Branch Banking


  • Accounting for Financial Services
  • Lending: Products, Operations and Risk Management
  • Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour
  • Economics


  • Marketing of Financial Services
  • Finance of International Trade & related Treasury Operations
  • Management Accounting for Financial Services

Specialization Subjects (any one subject to be selected)

  • Microfinance
  • Agricultural Finance
  • Islamic Finance
  • SME Banking

Students enrolling in the JAIBP program have a maximum period of 5 years to complete the JAIBP. The 5 year period commences from the date of appearance in the first exam. Further details are available in the ISQ Handbook.


Eligibility Criteria for the JAIBP program:

The entry criterion for the JAIBP program has been revised for candidates enrolling from July 2011 onwards.


JAIBP is open for the following:

1. Graduates in any discipline with a minimum 2ndDivision


2. Students who are pursuing their degree in a 4-year undergraduate program (post Intermediate/A levels or equivalent) are eligible to enroll for the ISQ program during their 3rd or 4th year of study. Students who are pursuing their degree in a 2-year undergraduate program (post Intermediate/A levels or equivalent) are eligible to enroll for the ISQ program during their final year of study.

Documentation required for students registering in the ISQ program will be attested mark sheet for Intermediate or A levels with a pass grade of 45% and a letter from their academic institution confirming their enrollment in the specified undergraduate program.The award of the completed JAIBP qualification would be subject to the candidate having a graduate degree.


Associateship of IBP (AIBP)

The AIBP enrolment is open to all JAIBP holders who are bankers and also to those JAIBP holders who are no longer with the banking industry.

The Associateship of IBP (AIBP) will be awarded to those who:

1.     Have minimum 3 years of total banking experience.

2.     Have a record of Continual Professional Development (CPD) through receiving or imparting training or other knowledge related activities. A minimum of 60 hours CPD is required.

3.     Have completed 5 additional courses mentioned below:

4.     The AIBP is expected to be updated in 2013 - 2014.

Core subjects:

  • Anti Money Laundering Measures and Business Ethics
  • Corporate and Banking Law
  • Advance Risk Management
  • Financial Planning and Budgeting

Specialization subjects(any one subject to be selected):

  • Financial Derivatives
  • Project Financing
  • Capital Markets
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • An Introduction to Insurance

Those who pass the five subjects and meet all the above mentioned requirements will be awarded Associateship by the Council of the Institute.

Fellowship of IBP (FIBP)

Fellowship of the Institute of Bankers Pakistan (FIBP) will be awarded by the Council to those bankers who fulfil the following criteria;

  • Bankers who have put in 20 years of banking service
  • Hold the position of Senior Executive Vice president (SEVP) / Group Head or equivalent and
  • Possess a university degree


Applicants are advised write a request to IBP in the name of the Chief Executive, with the consent of the President of the Bank he/she is currently serving.


For more details, you may also call us at (021)111–IBP–ISQ (021-111-427-477)


For details on the transition process for DAIBP Mid-stream and DAIBP Qualified candidates, please contact



IBP reserves the right to make changes to the program at its discretion.

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