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Customized Courses

IBP develops customized courses which are tailored to the needs and requirements of what the institution is looking for.

We offer:

  • Customized training programs on a variety of topics tailor-made in line with learning objectives designed by you.
  • Customization of our current program offerings to meet your specific needs.
  • These programs can be delivered at:

- IBP premises in any city in Pakistan
- Your premises across Pakistan and various other countries
- In Remote locations

  • The programs are flexible and can be conducted on weekends or in the evenings

If you are interested in having the IBP develop a customized course, tailored to the needs and requirements of your institution, please write to us at or call us at (021) 3522 4275.

Customized Courses in 2010-12

Audit Report Writing

Effective Time Management

Banking Operations

General Banking

Branch Management

Inter-personal Skills

Certified Bank Teller

Microsoft Office

Demystifying Internal Controls

Positive Attitude and Motivation
Effective Bank Audit: Techniques and Best Practices

Teller Excellence

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